[VIDEO UPDATE] from Steve and Feedsy

2023 is about doing things better and more efficiently than 2022. I would love to catch up with you, soon if we can, to review your content and newsletter services to ensure you are making the most of your client engagement. You may have heard that we have made...[Read More]

Submitting content requests for Feedsy Exclusive

Your ideas written by us direct to your clients This is a FREE writing service for Feedsy clients (excluding FeedsyLite). Content is written for your business as part of our FeedsyExclusive feed that we offer to all clients. All ideas are considered, and we publish...[Read More]

Introducing Feedsy Exclusive

We are very excited to launch our FeedsyExclusive content feed and we now want to share it with you. You can see all of the story feed HERE and it's a FREE add-on for all full FeedsyCommunicator, Campaigner and Advocator plans. To include this new content in your...[Read More]

[Update from Steve] Top 4 benefits of newsletter marketing for professionals

Marketing professional services requires a different approach than, say, promoting products, or services provided by companies. Professionals such as Accountants, Financial Advisers, Insurance Advisers, Attorneys, Physicians, and Dentists rely heavily on their...[Read More]

It’s time to amplify the good news

Dig up those client testimonials and amplify the good news about your advice. Then blog and multi-share across all of your communication platforms. It's easy with Feedsy, but do it any way you can. 94% of advice clients are satisfied so we need to amplify the good news...[Read More]

If we asked the question to Advisers right now, if I could give you back more time, what would you do?

Not to preempt your answer, but if it's not to spend more time with family, many would say that they would like to talk to more clients so they can help with more advice. At the end of the day, that's what Advisers love to do and it's why they started their...[Read More]

Introducing a new “News Page” template: It’s a free upgrade for all

This is another big upgrade to complement the launch of our new email design templates that we launched back in March 2022. For a limited time, we are offering our newly created FeedsyWeb "News Page" upgrade free to all current clients currently using Feedsy and to...[Read More]

New Feedsy style options and FeedsyMail templates

This is the biggest upgrade since we launched our Feedsy Testimonial Walls back in the early COVID days. With this announcement, Feedsy now delivers new ways to make you look good in front of your clients as we've been beavering hard on developing more design...[Read More]

Referral tips: What’s going on in their life that’s important to them? Using regular feedback to grow your business

When receiving referrals from clients and centres of influence, the more you learn about the new prospect the better. You’ll feel more confident calling them and you’ll have a better phone call. Here’s a great question to ask your clients when they give you...[Read More]

Are your open and click through rates dropping? It could be because your domain is not authenticated

Are your open and click through rates dropping or not as you expected? It could be due to your emails are currently going in to your client's junk email folder and you are not aware of it. Importantly this can be fixed and we will do it for you, please find out how in...[Read More]

[RECORDING] Feedsy MasterClass: Advanced Client Engagement to grow your business

This webinar is for current clients of Feedsy and for those Financial Advisers who want an opportunity to look under the hood to see what Feedsy has to offer.     CLICK HERE to play or download the webinar.   WARNING: This is a...[Read More]

Elements of your business to protect and boost, especially if you are wanting to attract customers and buyers

Steve Holmes (Co-founder Feedsy)   When you own a financial practice, you are in a unique position to take advantage of several industry metrics in the event you want to sell your company. Look ahead and always be aware of making your company attractive to...[Read More]

[VIDEO] Automating client testimonials with Feedsy – Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes (Feedsy Co-founder) This is a personal story about helping one of our Australian Financial Adviser's automate their client testimonials. The result: The adviser once again felt good about being an adviser and nothing promotes your business...[Read More]

5 ways to build trust as a Financial Adviser

Steve Holmes (Feedsy Co-founder)   Try seeing yourself the way your clients see you Being a financial adviser is a position of great trust. Your clients are not only trusting you to help them get the most from their money – they are also letting you into...[Read More]

5 signs you’re time-poor (and what you can do about it)

Steve Holmes (Feedsy Co-founder)   Our world is increasingly interconnected, and this is making more demands on our time than ever before. These days, we’re never 'off' – we’re juggling ever-busier lives, and work-life balance is becoming impossible...[Read More]

With Feedsy gaining Google Reviews has never been easier

Google Reviews. You (or your customers) have most likely used them before - consciously or not: Noticing a 4.5 star rating has created assurance about making the right purchasing decision. A business has been recommended (over others) online because it has a...[Read More]

How COVID affected Feedsy’s email engagement in 2020

By Gavin Klose Feedsy (Co-founder) It is fair to say that 2020 was not like any ordinary year and whilst many in Australia have almost returned to life as normal, our lives will be probably changed for ever. But did COVID change the way we communicate through...[Read More]

The most important email marketing optimisations

Steve Holmes (Feedsy)   As marketers, we are always looking for best practice, but importantly we often seek solutions for what works best for our clients and our business. Nobody knows your clients like you,  so please keep this research in context, but I...[Read More]

Next steps for beating the industry email benchmarks

The Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks 2021 (Campaign Monitor)   We get it. Looking at all this data in the above graphic can be intimidating. Having the information is helpful, but only if you know what to do with it. So here are the next steps you should...[Read More]

A conversation about perceived value

Steve Holmes (Feedsy) You can book a phone call or Zoom with Steve HERE             I have often spoken about value-based pricing in the past, and it's all to do with the buyers’ perceptions of value, not the...[Read More]