Feedsy partners with Advice fintech moneyGPS and accountantsGPS

“The partnership between moneyGPS, accountantsGPS and Feedsy provides the opportunity for advice providers to re-engage with clients that are no longer on advice agreements or simply can’t afford traditional advice models, or where an adviser can’t afford to offer advice to some clients. It’s a win for all parties and very exciting.

According to George Haramis, Fiduciary’s co-founder and chief executive. Fiduciary, which trades as moneyGPS and accountantsGPS, the partnership will allow firms to choose a “structured, done-for-you marketing and communications program” for their clients as part of the subscription to the moneyGPS platform.


You can read the full article in IFA HERE.


“The future of advice is a hybrid model, an amalgamation of traditional and digital advice with a powerful marketing engine room to promote this incredible digital advice offer by moneyGPS. All communications are white-labelled, meaning that the brand of the advice business remains the hero. The adoption of digital advice will add another advice-based revenue stream to practices.”


Please don’t hesitate to reach out and BOOK 15 minutes if you would like to know more.


Steve Holmes
(Founder Feedsy Pty Ltd)


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