The resilience of advisers in evolving times: Nurturing client connections through efficient communication

In times of uncertainty and regulatory changes, the importance of quality advice has never been more crucial. Financial advisers have demonstrated remarkable resilience, ensuring their profession remains relevant and essential. Their survival through the Royal Commission and the COVID-19 crisis has solidified the belief in the value of advice.

Many clients, like myself, have experienced firsthand the positive impact of having a team of advisers – financial, accounting, and insurance – who not only provide guidance but also become trusted friends, helping us navigate our financial journey and achieve better outcomes.

Effective communication is vital, especially in challenging times. When there is a communication gap, misinformation tends to fill it, leading to confusion and mistrust. To combat this, advisers must stay connected with their clients, providing a steady stream of reliable and timely information. A trusted source of regular content from a client’s adviser is more important than ever before.

Recognising the constraints of time and resources, advisers must optimise their efforts and focus on what they do best: providing advice and personalized service to their clients. The cost of advice provision can become burdensome for many, making it necessary for advisers to seek more efficient ways of managing their practice.

In this evolving landscape, the importance of digital communication cannot be overstated. Advisers can leverage online tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype to conduct face-to-face meetings with clients, even from remote locations. Automation tools, such as Calendly, enable effortless appointment scheduling, reducing administrative overhead.

Email automation emerges as a crucial component in maintaining regular and consistent communication with clients. Automated content delivery services like Feedsy can help advisers provide relevant and engaging content to clients without investing excessive time in creating it themselves. This ensures that clients are well-informed and nurtured, leading to strengthened relationships and enhanced trust.

Utilising video in emails and social media messaging adds a personal touch to the advisory process. Video enables advisers to express their messages with warmth and authenticity, enhancing the client experience. By embracing digital mediums, advisers can amplify their message and establish stronger connections with their audience.

The COVID-19 crisis has compelled advisers to rethink and adapt their traditional practices. Virtual review meetings and remote client interactions have become the norm. These changes have proven effective and are likely to continue even after the pandemic subsides. The ability to adapt to new ways of working and connecting with clients sets successful advisers apart.

Recognising that they cannot be experts in every aspect of their business, advisers should embrace the concept of outsourcing. By delegating tasks they may not fully understand or prefer not to handle, advisers can focus on their core competency – advising clients. Digital marketing and related functions are excellent examples of areas that can be outsourced to specialised service providers like Feedsy.

In 2023, Feedsy emerged as a valuable ally for financial services professionals across Australia. Its platform facilitates efficient and personalised communication with clients, helping advisers engage more effectively in less time. With Feedsy’s support, advisers can streamline their marketing efforts, freeing up more time to dedicate to their clients and deliver tailored advice.

Financial advisers have demonstrated their resilience and adaptability, making their profession indispensable in these uncertain times. Effective communication is key to maintaining strong client relationships, fostering trust, and combating misinformation. Embracing digital tools and outsourcing non-core functions can significantly enhance advisers’ efficiency, allowing them to focus on providing quality advice to their clients. As the landscape continues to evolve, advisers must remain agile and open to innovative approaches that nurture client connections and ensure a prosperous future for their profession.

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Steve Holmes
Co-Founder & Director


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