ensombl AdviceTech [PODCAST] with Feedsy hosted by Peita Diamantidis

This is such a great Podcast featuring Feedsy’s Co-founder Steve Holmes and Peita Diamantidis ensombl in relation to how Feedsy is helping advice businesses automate their content delivery so they can experience highly engaged clients and prospects.


Listen here on Spotify or Apple


Here’s the time-codes for the key talking points in the episode. 

0:00 – Intro
7:15 – The importance of client feedback and testimonials
11:47 – The layers of content creation
16:19 – Building a clean client list
19:54 – Open rates and click-through rates
24:43 – How to shore up your website beyond a business card
29:07 – How to use testimonials to build your client base
34:29 – Tips for Ninja users
42:58 – The power of a “virtual hug” in trying times
46:18 – Peita’s review of Feedsy


The ensombl All Licensee PD is Friday 26th May 2023, exceptional content on thought leadership. You can register HERE. 10 CPD point are available.



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