[VIDEO UPDATE] by Steve Holmes


A few articles I have put together to add value for you this week.


    1. An awesome Podcast I was involved with, it’s on Youtube, Spotify and Apple and is all about how Feedsy is helping advice businesses automate their content delivery so they can experience highly engaged clients and prospects.
    2. 5 Tips to help conquer writer’s block. For any business wanting to create a blog or newsletter, these tips will help.
    3. Do you own a business or does your business own you? Here are six mistakes to avoid if you want to manage your business and not turn out to be a slave to your own company.
    4. Long after the price is forgotten, the quality remains. It’s about striving for continual improvement and investing in yourself and your business.


I hope to catch up soon to review your current Feedsy service, provide further training or to review your current client engagement. You can simply BOOK A TIME here.


Steve Holmes
(Co-founder Feedsy)




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