Referral Masterclass INVITATION: 17 May 2023

I’d like to invite you along to a special masterclass a good friend of mine is running next week.

Here is the link to register and save your spot


In short, Michael will be walking you through the 3 key elements you need to be doing, to ensure you generate a minimum 10+ referrals a month.

Once you understand these and can put the right framework in place, generating referrals with never be hard again.

He calls it the ‘Curse Of A Level 10 Referral’

Because referrals are not created equal, there are level 0 referral, which is really just an introduction or connection and then there is a level 10 referral, where it is pretty much someone else selling your service and it’s a done deal.

The problem… We all try to get the level 10’s and we forget about the most powerful referral of all, a level 7 referral!

A level 7 referral

When you understand how to generate level 7 referrals everyday your business pipeline and opportunities will change forever.

That’s what Michael is going to show you in this special masterclass, the 3 key elements you need to generate level 7 referrals every day.


It is on next Wednesday 17th May, at 12pm Sydney time

It’s a system that generates any business a minimum 10+ referrals a month and honestly the majority of businesses get closer to 20 or 30.

It’s a system that is so easy to implement and does not require much time or effort once you have the framework in place.

So, join me as Michael walks you through how to create your Million Dollar Referral System and start transforming your referrals today.

Here is the link to register and save your spot


When combined with Feedsy’s Advocator service, you turn happy customers into lead generators for your business and build your online testimonial wall automatically.


Steve Holmes
(Feedsy Co-founder and Director)


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