New feature: MailGroups uses segments to send different emails to different groups

If you ever have the need to send different emails to different groups then you may be interested in MailGroups.

For instance, you may wish to have a different address or “From” message for different consultants or offices on FeedsyMails. Or you might want to send a FeedsyFlash message only to users or Product X in South Australia.

So rather than managing multiple lists and worrying about duplication and which list to link your subscriber form to – now you can have all of this handled from within a single FeedsyList.

We will work with you to work out what you are trying to achieve and then create custom fields (eg State, Office, Consultant, Product) that can be used as filters to auto-generate smart segments to send emails to.

There is a small set-up fee – unless you are on a FeedsyApps+Mail+Web plan (in which case it is free!).

For more information about MailGroups, click here or to get started click here.


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