New feature: Birthday and Annual email reminders are now live!

Our new feature to auto-send birthday wishes and annual reminders to your clients is now live.

Called BirthdayMails and AnnualMails, both allow you to add a date for each to any person in your FeedsyList.

You can also set a standard email message for a birthday wish and/or a reminder to contact you about something.

Adding or updating dates is easy and can either done in bulk (via your FeedsyList) or individually.

We have some preset birthday messages (including email subject and email title) for you to choose from or you can create your own. It is easy to change this at any time.


For AnnualMails you can tailor your email subject, title, message and call-to-action button to suit whatever annual reminder you wish to send. The example below is for a reminder for an annual financial health check-up with a financial adviser.


Both are included in our new MailPlus add-on, which bundled with FeedsyFlash and extra FeedsyMail sends is only $29 per month or free on full FeedsyApps+Mail+Web plans.

To get started, click here.

Any questions, please contact us.


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