Get started with Feedsy in March and save

They call it Mad March in Adelaide: The Adelaide Fringe, Clipsal V8s, Womad, Adelaide Cup and now the Adelaide Feedsy HQ are extending our 25% off offer.

If you want the easiest and most beautiful way of reaching out to customers with great content, you can save 25% off the set-up fee of any new FeedsyLite or Feedsy plan – if you get started before March 31, 2016.

So you might have discovered this message on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or perhaps by email or even on our app – but wherever you are now – all roads lead to where it all started – on our FeedsyWeb news pages (and only a click away from our website).

That’s a big part of the joy of Feedsy – simply-once story posting that is multi-published by the Feedsy engine. Imagine having to only create your content once and leaving most of the sharing to us. Well, that’s the beauty of FeedsyLite.

Or you could have it even easier by adding to the mix having most (or all!) of the content provided by us – on a full Feedsy plan.

Either way, getting started is simple and, until March 31, even more affordable by using this coupon code on checkout: CONNECT.

If you want a quick 20 minute online demo first, contact us here.



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