BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Our massive app upgrades are now live!

At Feedsy, we are excited to announce some huge news.

Our beautiful new app upgrade has arrived. Well, when we say ‘upgrade’ we actually mean ‘total rebuild from the ground up’.

It has been a year in the making and months in the migrating but now, all the brands in our Feedsy Apps family have a new app to brag about.

Here is what your client’s and prospects will love with the new and improved app in their hands.

  1. Beautiful Design – stories are now more attractive to click on and read than ever before.
  2. Larger Devices – the fuller screens are better used when viewing stories on larger phones and tablets.
  3. Bookmarks – readers can now save, find and re-enjoy their favourite articles.
  4. Branding – your logo is now on the main story page and your brand colour is on every page.
  5. Add To Contacts – people will love your beautiful new contact page and can add you to their address book with just one click.
  6. Resources – if you have links to useful stuff (like portal logins or calculators) then these are now easier to find and nicer to touch.
  7. Social Sharing – the app now uses the native sharing of your device to make this more natural.
  8. Notifications – single weekly alerts will become a welcome reminder of your brand in people’s pocket.
  9. Navigation – we have streamlined how people find things with a beautifully simple menu.
  10. App Store – we have made each app more attractive in the app stores with better graphics and info.

Now, if you joined Feedsy family after 15 December 2015 you already have the new app – sweeet.

Apple apps are a simple upgrade but, due to technical reasons, the Android app is brand new requiring a new download. The old Android app (and Google Play link) will be discontinued at the end of June, 2016.

To help Feedsyites promote their new app (and new Android link), we have upgraded the link on the Google Play Store Badge on everybody’s FeedsyWeb and FeedsyMail “Stay Informed” panel as well as in the App Marketing Toolkits.

We are also providing a story about the upgrade onto our App Feedsyite’s FeedsyWebs for them to share by text, social media, email, FeedsyMails or FeedsyFlashes.

Here are some links to upgrade or download our Feedsy app.

Apple_App_Store_2_60px   Android_Google_Play_2_60px

Below are some screenshots of our demo app, xPert News. In fact these are examples of the new and improved promotional images that will appear for each app on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play.



If you have any questions or feedback then please contact Feedsy.

Here are those links again to upgrade or download our Feedsy app to get a feel for the kind of stories we deliver and for updates and news. But obviously your app will have YOUR branding all over it – not ours.

Apple_App_Store_2_60px   Android_Google_Play_2_60px

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