A win-win-win

By Gavin Klose
Co-founder, Feedsy

The act of giving to someone else is also a win for you.

According to studies cited in the Huffington Post article, The Benefits of Generosity, helping others can improve your own physical and mental wellbeing – and can even “increase one’s lifespan”!

Generosity that answers someone’s needs can not only improve their lives but also make you feel better about yourself. And whilst this is usually not the intention, it can make you look better in their eyes too.

Another side benefit of being generous, says psychologist, Dr Tony Grant, is that you are more likely to receive generosity from others when you might need it down the track. Call this karma, if you like.

To be giving requires an empathetic outlook – listening for, asking about or simply being aware of the needs of others.

Generosity can come in many forms – from being charitable with your time, support or even donations, to sharing some valuable advice or recommendation learnt from your own experiences.

If you are in business I am sure you will agree that a referral is the greatest compliment that someone can give our business. It makes you feel great and validates that what you are doing makes a positive difference to people’s lives.


So I hope you don’t mind me asking, but if you know of anyone with a potential need for someone like us, we’d love to be given the opportunity to help them.

Your generosity would be deeply appreciated by us and surely welcomed by your friend – and you’ll probably feel good about it too!


A Win-Win-Win.


We now have a way to make it easy to give your recommendation to others with our refer a friend page.




And for a limited time, we are giving back a free month of Feedsy to you (and your friend) for every successful referral – so it’s a Win-Win!!-Win!!



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