How NPS generates referrals

14 December

By Gavin Klose Co-founder, Feedsy    When you do great work for a client, you earn their trust and generate greatwill. But how do you know how likely this happy client is to recommend your services to anyone? And how do you ascertain...[Read More]

Using feedback to grow your business

19 February

By Gavin Klose Co-founder, Feedsy    These are questions that small businesses often ask - or should be asking... How can we improve our business to make life better for our clients? How can we make our business more attractive to...[Read More]

When is the best time to ask for a referral?

23 November

By Gavin Klose (Co-founder, Feedsy)   In an age where many people find services online, word-of-mouth is still 'king' of lead generation. So when are the best times to ask for word-of-mouth referrals and how do you use online tools to...[Read More]

A win-win-win

16 October

By Gavin Klose Co-founder, Feedsy The act of giving to someone else is also a win for you. According to studies cited in the Huffington Post article, The Benefits of Generosity, helping others can improve your own physical and mental...[Read More]

So, what is a referral worth?

9 October

By Gavin Klose Co-founder, Feedsy   What is the value of a referral to financial advisers and accountants? For a start, referrals are the lifeblood for most. In polls conducted in our recent webinar series The 5 steps to more...[Read More]

Market research report: Biggest marketing challenges in 2018

25 August

Survey Report by Feedsy   Foreword “How do I grow and retain my clientele?” - a question that financial advisers and accountants ask themselves on a regular basis. We recently conducted a market research survey asking our...[Read More]

Could this be turning away referrals for your business?

16 August

Getting referrals from existing customers is one of the best ways to grow your business. Unfortunately, some businesses make a series of mistakes that cost them potential new customers. If you aren’t attracting new customers through...[Read More]

How to get more referrals [5 tips]

1 June

Over the years we have spoken to thousands of small business owners about their marketing. When asked about how they generate leads to grow and sustain their business the answer is almost always, "We get most of our clients through word of...[Read More]

Ethical referrals: has this app taken things too far?

5 July

By Gavin Klose (Co-founder, Feedsy) I'm sure I'm not alone here. I'm sure many of you will have experienced the same thing I have. Every week, I receive around three calls - sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less - from 'insurance...[Read More]

Building a referral culture

14 March

(Steve Holmes) Co-Founder Feedsy A referral is a personal recommendation and endorsement from someone, and a referral from a trusted source is cited as a key influence when choosing a product or professional services provider. It is also the...[Read More]