5 reasons why people choose Feedsy


Over the years, we have spoken to many Financial Advisers and other professionals to unearth their communication and marketing issues.

This has inspired us to evolve and develop our suite of products to make life as easy as possible for our Feedsy clients.

What we have also learnt is that there are 5 key types of busy professionals that Feedsy really help. Do any of these sound like you?

1. Don’t have any news
– No news is bad news.

This group has no news on their web page, no print or email newsletter or active social media profile to stay engaged with their clients or to attract new ones. This is either due to lack of resources to brief an agency to create news web page and/or print or email newsletter or not enough time to come up with news ideas (and then create and publish them on a regular basis).

2. Can’t keep the news alive
– Old news shows neglect.

Usually due to lack of time, this group does have news on their website – but the last story was sooooo last year (or the year before). Sometimes a news page began with a lot of intent and energy – that either faded or perhaps disappeared altogether when the office newshound left the building.

3. News looks boring
– A picture is worth a thousand words (and online clicks).

This cohort either do not have a news page nor email newsletter that includes images in its design or do not have the time to source and find them. They also know there has been a lot of research (and analytics) to demonstrate that images (and video) make news articles more clickable and shareable.

4. Use PDFs to deliver the news
– PDFs are evil.

This scenario is probably the most common. There was a time when it was OK to use PDFs (sort of) but this group now know that by continuing to do so is doing their brand and their clients a disservice. See why PDFs are just not right anymore – click here 

5. Just want an beautiful website

We are often told by business owners that they are not sure where to start when it comes to a website, they want someone who understands their business and someone who can write the content for them. There are some feelings business owners go through in their ‘ideal day’ and we want to uncover this story to deliver a website that amplifies who you are in a digital way.

We have 30 years experience in the financial services industry, so it is true we do love everything financial and we speak your language but we are certainly not limited to making Advisers look awesome! So if any of these sound like you – you are not alone.

We work best with all businesses looking to offer something fresh and exciting for their clients.

More and more professionals are discovering that Feedsy’s news-filled branded news webpages, email newsletters and websites are meeting a need to streamline the keeping in contact with clients (and reaching new ones too).

Please reach out to us here. We’d love to find out about your communication and marketing issues and how we might be able to help.


Steve Holmes
(Director and Co-Founder, Feedsy)


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