New FeedsyMail eNewsletter template on iPads

PLEASE OPEN: You’ve got new FeedsyMail

Feedsy are super excited about our new email newsletter design for FeedsyMail.

We’ve ramped up the style and some other things you’ll love about it are:

  • More branding with bigger logo under the branded colour top bar.
  • A more welcoming welcome message that doesn’t require a click to reveal and read. It is also another opportunity to show off brand colours.
  • More attractive call-to-action with a single CONTACT button.
  • The VIEW MORE button is more refined.
  • App promotion is still strong (for those who have one) but we have toned it down a little (appears just once – no three times).


For more details and a full preview, click here.



We are in the process of upgrading current FeedsyMail clients over to the new design for free and all new Feedsyites will enjoy the upgrade from day one.

We’d love you feedback – email us here.


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