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5 Feedsy power tips to boost your marketing

Hi there.

We pride ourselves on making Feedsy so easy that you don’t need to do ANYTHING for your marketing to still happen in the background.

However, there are a some simple things you can do to get more marketing bang from your Feedsy.

Some of these tips are simple once off tweaks whilst others can be the scheduling of a few extra minutes either every week or month – depending on your marketing needs.


TIP#1: Sharing Feedsy stories

Do you regularly use your FeedsyWeb content to engage with people on social media?

If not, why not use your weekly or monthly Feedsy reminders to also take the time to share some Feedsy articles.

SUB TIP#1: Scheduling shares

If you want to schedule these posts (ie stagger when they are published to your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook Page/Profile) you can use a simple tool like Hootsuite. Once you have set-up your free account you can use its Hootlets to make scheduling a breeze.

SUB TIP#2: Get more engagement

Facebook is changing the way it filters what it shows people – and will prioritise posts with lots of LIKES, COMMENTS and especially SHARES to people’s personal profiles.

So when sharing a FeedsyWeb story to Facebook, write an intro that will inspire people to LIKE, COMMENT or SHARE it. Use the post to start an open conversation, by asking…

Eg (remembering to be genuine, be real and use your own voice):

  • “Wow, look what the government are planning on doing to [whatever the article is about]. I’d love to know what you think about it (in the comments below).”
  • “Is [whatever article was about] on your bucket list too? Or have you already been? How was it? #jealous”
  • “You gotta share this with your friends. This is incredible!”

SUB TIP#3: Be brief

Try and keep your post intro to 140 characters or less to avoid people having to click Read More. No need to say too much because you want people to click on the story (and go to your FeedsyWeb).

SUB TIP#4: Outsource

If you are too busy to share your Feedsy stories then FeedsySocial can do it for you.


TIP#2: Personalise your StoryMix

Do you know that you can change the mix of stories that Feedsy provide you?

There are over 20 categories for you to choose from – and you can change your StoryMix at any time.

Discover more about StoryMix here.


TIP#3: Write (or shoot) your own story

Do you know that the most read stories are those created by our Feedsters?

In other words, your customers want to hear and read about what YOU are saying.

Why not use our monthly FeedsyMail reminder to give you the nudge to spend 30 minutes adding your own story.

It doesn’t need to be War & Peace nor solve the world’s problems.

Keep it simple and keep it real.

Here are some quick ideas:

  • Celebrate someone in the office’s birthday (or the birth of their child!).
  • Some highlights of things that have happened in the office this month.
  • Personally introduce or highlight some of the Feedsy stories.
  • Movie reviews (from people in the office).
  • Topical advice/tip.

SUB TIP#1: Find the right image

For the featured image, we recommend using a team portrait so readers know it is something from your team (and people love seeingother people).

However if this is too hard (or you are camera shy) there is an existing image you can use in your Feedsy library called “Welcome.jpg”which has your logo on it. To find it simply search for “Welcome” when selecting an image.

Or if you want to find a free stock image online, read this about Creative Commons Images.

SUB TIP#2: Do it with video

If writing isn’t your thing, shoot a video selfie with your smartphone, upload it on Youtube and create a video post by copy and pasting the Youtube link.

SUB TIP#3: Too busy to write your own?

If you’re too busy to write your own (or its just too stressful to get pen to paper) then FeedsyWrite can do it for you.


TIP#4: Link to your news from your website

Help people find your news from your main website.

If your NEWS in your menu navigation does not link to your FeedsyWeb news page then you or your interweb person can add or fix this in no time.

If you are using WordPress this can be done with a Custom Link in Appearance > Menus > Custom Link.

SUB TIP#1: Create your subdomain first (it looks better)

If you haven’t already, get your interweb person to create a news.subdomain. Here’s how.

SUB TIP#2: Roll all of your news and blog articles into one

Why not use your FeedsyWeb for ALL of your news, blog and event articles so they can be included in your FeedsyMails and FeedsyApps?

We can even help you migrate old stories from your (WordPress) website to Feedsy.

By using categories you will also be able to filter or separate your articles from ours if you prefer.


TIP#5: Dynamic “Subject” for your FeedsyMails

Did you know that you can dynamically change what people see in their inbox so that the subject = the title of the first story?

So instead of the same “News update from the team at Acme” or “Hi John, please enjoy our latest news” each time, the subject can simply be the title of the first article. This is particularly good when you are writing the first story (and story title) yourself (see TIP#3 above).

If you would like to try this, then contact us at support.


Well, I hope you found some of this helpful.


Gavin Klose
Support Manager, Feedsy


If you’d like some help contact as at support or on our Facebook Page – or maybe you have tips of your own that you would like to share on Facebook.


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