Feedsy Marketing Toolbox 2018

See what Feedsy is adding to your marketing toolbox in 2018

Feedsy has a busy year coming up.

We are developing more features and services to make it even easier for you to achieve your marketing goals.

And gosh, we are half way through the January already!

A fair amount of 2017 was spent developing new automated marketing goodies which we prioritised based mainly on consultation with our Advisory Board.

Feedsy’s Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is awesome.

Made up of a handful of dedicated Feedsy clients, it meets (online) every 2 months to discuss, review and generate new ideas for Feedsy to better meet the needs of small business.

If you are interested in getting involved, please send me or Steve an email.


One of the great features generated by the Advisory Board in 2017 was adding 20 SmartMoney (and Government approved) Calculators from the ASIC website.

These can be added to your FeedsyWeb or FeedsyApp navigation and even linked to from your own website.

For more details: RESOURCES




1. FeedsyRow

Next month we will be launching a new product that allows you to display a row of recent Feedsy stories on the bottom of your own website.

So now your brand will look up-to-date with your weekly news content on your website.

Stay tuned…

2. FeedsyJourneys

How many of your clients are REALLY aware of ALL of the ways you can help them?

Probably a lot less than you think!

To avoid missing out on opportunities within your own customer base (what we call the “If only you told me” syndrome) and growing the value of your clients we are creating a way to automate sending a series of empathetic educational emails to make your clients aware of what you do.

If you’d like to get involved with our FeedsyJourneys think-tank and testing, please email me.

3. FeedsyFlash and FeedsyMail Templates

We are finalising the development of some options for how your Feedsy emails look including:

  • Plain text intro, story links and standard logo footer (so your emails will look more personal)
  • Story titles next to a smaller story image (to display more stories on the screen before scrolling down)
  • Adding images (for BirthdayMails and other custom FeedsyMails).

These new templates will have additional uses:

  • Welcome emails for new subscribers added.
  • Emails promoting your Apps.
  • FeedsyJourneys.

4. FeedsyWebApps

One of the biggest shifts to our product development came from an unexpected third party – Apple!

In July, Apple announced at their World App Developer Conference that they would be banning affordable “white label” apps (like the ones we create) from being added to the App Store. We could not believe it and tried to find a loop-hole and (at least) a half decent explanation and justification from Apple – but they simply dug their heels in and said “no”.

How does this affect you? Well it means, whilst current Feedsy Apps still work and can be downloaded, we cannot add any new features (other than changing their branding, if needed).

So in response, we are working on a WebApp solution.

When complete, we reckon this may provide a superior experience for both you and your current or prospective customers.

WebApps will simply be your currently FeedsyWeb viewed as an App on people’s mobiles. They will contain the same pages as the App (eg Resources, Contact, About, etc) but they do not need to be downloaded from the App Store (which is a barrier for some people). Instead, a pop-up will appear whenever a story is read on a mobile inviting the person to click “Add to Homescreen” icon so the website is aaved as an icon on their mobile’s home screen (just like an App!).

The bonus for you is that this means that your WebApp is constantly being promoted!

Oh, and we will have better analytics that we can provide about downloads and engagement too!

Looking forward to completing this one….

5. Apple News

Did you know that Apple have an awesome News App already installed on their devices?

It aggregates news from a huge range of sources which you can add or remove or use search terms to filter the kind of news YOU want to receive.

It is actually quite good (and is now the first news app that I open each day). It is bizarre that Apple have not yet promoted it widely.

Well soon, you will be able to get your news on Apple News too.

For an example click on this link (which we will feature on all of stories to promote it 24/7):

Read it on Apple news

Apple News also comes with some neat analytics on opens and engagements which can be sent to your inbox.

6. Analytics

Speaking of analytics, we are about to work on some more dynamic analytics to help you measure and optimise your marketing.

Firstly, we are scoping being able to send you monthly email reports of the performance of your FeedsyMails – so this info is sent to you (rather than you having to login and find them in your FeedsyMailHQ).

We are also scoping providing better Subscriber activity stats – in particular, making your customers or prospects by how many emails they open and click on (so you can better identify or prioritise sales opportunities).

This will not be easy – wish us luck!

7. Pop Ups

We are continuing to test and refine our pop-up subscriber/contact forms to increase customer engagement and generate leads.

What will be important is how this is measured, how easy it is to identify new leads and even how auto-emails (FeedsyJourneys) could be triggered when someone subscribes.


It’s going to be great year…


Gavin Klose
Product Manager, Feedsy


Do you have any suggestions of problems/issues you want solved or products & features that you think will make your marketing easier and more beautiful?

If so please email me or share them on our Facebook Page.




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