How to prevent the “If only…”s

By Gavin Klose
(Co-founder, Feedsy)

We’ve all experienced it before.

A missed opportunity:

  • From bad timing – “If only you contacted me earlier!”
  • From not knowing – “If only I knew you did that!”

It happens on both sides of the fence.

I know I’ve done it:

“I didn’t know you offered insurance. If only you’d let me know earlier. I can’t say ‘no’ to [insert competitors name here] now.”

And some clients have done it:

“Oh no. We just given the go-ahead to get our brand identity done with someone else. If only you told me you did logos as well as websites!”

We call this the “If only…” Syndrome.

Once started, an “If only…” Syndrome is difficult to cure.

People (like you) find it very hard to change their mind and cancel their order (with someone else) once they have made the decision to get started.

They will feel bad about you missing out on the opportunity (because they like and trust you) but would feel even worse admitting they made a mistake or stuffing the new party around by withdrawing their authorisation – or even losing their deposit or set-up fees.

But “If only…”s can be prevented – with FeedsyJourneys.

Here’s how you can turn your potential “If only…”s into hot leads in 5 easy steps with FeedsyJourneys:

  1. Segment your clients.
  2. Prepare 6 emails (per segment).
  3. Send emails.
  4. Measure response.
  5. Follow-up hot-leads.


1. Segment your clients.


The first thing you need to do is to identify the areas of you service or product offer that many of your existing clients either do not know you do or could still be in the market for.

Imagine being an Accounting Practice who provide:

  1. Tax Returns
  2. Business Coaching
  3. Family Budgeting Advice
  4. Book Keeping

It is not uncommon for some clients to only know you for the service(s) you provide them currently. So each of these four services would become segments.

Each of these segments will become campaigns (and some clients may fall into multiple segments).

Then simply create a spreadsheet with a column for:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Segment

TIP: If someone is in multiple segments then separate each with a “||” (eg Business Coaching||Book Keeping)

Feedsy can help you with your segments – ASK HOW HERE.


2. Prepare 6 emails (per segment).


We recommend starting with a small sample of clients in a segment you see with the most potential (eg the most clients not currently utilising it + good profit for you).

For each segment, beginning with this leading segment – you’ll be preparing an email campaign about a topic.

Each topic is about the service or product for that segment and how it solves issues or problems for people.

Each campaign has 6 emails (and this is where Feedsy kicks in because we do this for you):

  1. Intro: Set the scene for the next 5 emails about 4 pain points around the topic (eg issues people face when needing or choosing a service like yours).
  2. Pain point #1: empathise with one problem and provide brief overview of how it can be overcome.
  3. Pain point #2: empathise with another problem and provide brief overview of how it can be overcome.
  4. Pain point #3: empathise with the third issue… etc
  5. Pain point #4: you get the idea…
  6. Solution: Summarise the topic and wrap up with a Call to Action (to engage with you to get help via your service of product) – eg book an appointment, order online, request more info, etc.

Now, we could spend a lot more time on discussing these emails – including CTAs for each, ideal length, look and feel, personalisation and repeats (for unopened emails) – but we’ll visit this in a later article. Needless to say, Feedsy takes care of all of this for you.

Oh, you can also edit FeedsyJourney emails at any time.


3. Send emails.


You could send these emails the hard way (ie individually and manually) or you could seek automation. Now, you could use something like MailChimp Automation – but it takes a fair bit of time and can be a bit tricky. So it’s far easier and probably a better use of your time to have it all set-up and auto-sent for you by FeedsyJourneys.

With FeedsyJourneys, email one is triggered by either ticking a box per intended recipient – or even easier by importing your spreadsheet (see “1. Segment your clients.”) which will kick off the campaign as soon as the import is complete.

Then email #2 will be auto-sent at a specific delay timeframe before email #3 is auto-sent after another pre-defined set time delay.

FeedsyJourneys can also add repeat emails for critical emails that are not opened.


4. Measure.


FeedsyJourneys (like other email services, eg Mailchimp) will generate online metrics on the performance of the campaign but also who has opened and clicked on links within each email.

Now, it will be unlikely that a single person will open and click on each email but what will happen is that everyone will become aware that you deliver a service around the topic.

Note: if your metrics show that aparticular email is consistently NOT getting a response/open/click then maybe consider editing it (or asking Feedsy to review it).


5. Follow-up hot-leads.


Depending on the nature of the topic, ideally you may have already been contacted by some of your recipients via your CTA. Woo hoo!

But you may need to make some phone calls. But calling EVERYONE is probably not the best use of your time.

Instead, identify people who are opening and/or clicking the most emails from your metrics. These are the people who are obviously interested in the topic and are most likely to be interested in your related service/product.

These people will not only be ready for your call (because they know you can help them) but they your client and already know, like and trust you.

So these calls will be easy.

TIP: Try calling to listen (empathise) and help (lead to your solution) – not to simply sell.


And beyond…


Regular email newsletters and social media engagement are other ways to passively keep your brand (and these topics) in front of your clients.

So combining FeedsyMail and FeedsySocial with FeedsyJourneys is the perfect way of preventing “If only…” within your own client base – to turn potential missed opportunities into hot leads.


If you’d like, you can BOOK A DEMO here.






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