Feedsy talks Social at AMPFPA SA

The team at Feedsy are looking forward to meeting South Australian AMP advisers at the AMPFPA South Australian PD day this month.

If you’re planning on attending the day, we’d love to see you at our two-hour workshop “Social Media for the small-business adviser”, aimed specifically on helping advisers who may be uncertain about the world of social media. Our whole SA team will be there to make sure we can talk you through your business’ situation and look at what might work for you.

Here’s a basic outline:

Social Media for the small-business adviser

Australians are increasingly turning to social media to communicate and network, with June 29 2017 Sensis statistics revealing that 79% of us now have at least one social media profile, and 59% of us use it daily.

And it’s not just young people. 86% of 40-49 year olds use social media regularly and 59% of city-dwellers aged over 50 access social media every day.

So how can you make the jump with your business? Feedsy digital communications specialists Gavin Klose, Steve Holmes, Kirsty Parkin and Heather Holmes help you cut through the jargon in this hands on workshop.

You’ll discover:

  • How having a social media presence can benefit your business
  • Which social media profile(s) are right for your business
  • How to make content relevant
  • What you should expect from social media (and what you should not expect!)
  • Techniques to manage and run your business’ profiles
  • Advertising 101 – how to get started with boosted posts
  • A live demonstration of recording, emailing and sharing video

Bring your laptop – if you’d like help setting up a profile, or feedback on what you’re already doing our team will be there provide hands on help and advice, and to answer any questions you might have.

If you’re not an AMP adviser, we’re still happy to help talk you through the increasingly complex world of social media for small business.

Contact your Feedsy account manager, or email [email protected] and we’d be delighted to help.




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