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You know you should be regularly posting on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – but you don’t have the time.

Well, you’re in luck. We have the time.

FeedsySocial allows you to drive the reach of your news content further using the power of your company’s social media networks.

Up to twice a week, the FeedsySocial team will select an article from your FeedsyCentre and post it to one or more of your company social profiles, together with a comment. This gives your friends and followers even more opportunity to engage with you via your branded content.

We’ll monitor the sites for you, and alert you to any queries or issues.

Up to twice a month we’ll also action a paid/sponsored boost to a popular post or advertise on social media on your behalf.

Boosting or sponsoring content means that you will reach many times more people outside of your existing social circles.

How much or little you spend on media is up to you – and you have access to all reporting.

And of course, you can still post yourself whenever you like.

We’ve packaged up our FeedsySocial option into our new Feedsy packages – click here for more info or email [email protected]


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