Bushfire season – plan and be prepared.

4 October

Australia is renowned for its expansive and diverse landscapes, but unfortunately, it also grapples with extreme weather conditions, including bushfires that wreak havoc in the scorching and dry summer months. Even in this early spring of 2023,...[Read More]

Striking a Balance: The Dual Duties of Disclosure and Consumer responsibility in Insurance

20 September

The world of insurance can be a labyrinthine of policies, premiums, and legal jargon. To navigate this complex landscape, both insurers and consumers need a clear set of rules to ensure fairness and transparency. In Australia, the Insurance...[Read More]

Five ways to help protect yourself and your business from a cyber attack

30 November

The recent cyber attacks on Optus and Medibank Private compromised personal information from around 14 million customer accounts. At the same time, companies including Uber, Telstra’s staff rewards program and wine dealer Vinomofo were also...[Read More]

How your business can prepare for the next climate catastrophe

30 November

The news of another La Niña has many businesses concerned, especially those in eastern Australia, many of which are still struggling to get up and running following this year’s previous catastrophes. Disasters such as fires and floods have a...[Read More]

Should small businesses use an insurance broker?

23 November

When it comes to buying insurance, the choices are simple: do it yourself or use an insurance broker. While it may be easier to go direct, especially with the growing availability of online products, a broker can provide you with added value and...[Read More]

5 risks to manage when hiring your first employee

23 November

So your business is getting so busy that you need a helping hand? Great stuff. Here’s a guide to hiring your first employee. Congratulations – hiring your first employee is a mammoth step in the journey of any business. It’s also a risky...[Read More]