MS breakthrough could mean treatments halt progression

29 November

A treatment for progressive multiple sclerosis could be on the horizon after a researchers found injecting stem cells into the brains of patients could potentially stop the disease advancing. The study said the procedure was “safe, well tolerated...[Read More]

Ban on disposable vapes imports to kick in soon

29 November

Australians will soon find it harder to access vapes, as the government attempts to prevent the industry creating a new generation of nicotine addicts. About one in seven 14- to 17-year-olds and roughly one in five 18- to 24-year-olds vape. While...[Read More]

Reversing ‘zombie’ brain fog after COVID-19 infection

22 November

Scientists have uncovered how to reverse the ageing effects of ‘zombie’ cells in COVID-19 patients, sparking fresh hope the findings could be used in Alzheimer’s research. Senescent cells, also known as zombie cells, occur naturally as people...[Read More]

TikTok videos and online games could boost youth health

15 November

TikTok videos, anime role-playing activities and interactive scenarios on popular online game Fortnite are among the ideas put forward by high school students to improve the health of young people. Groups of Sydney students came together this week...[Read More]

Financial boost for GPs to increase bulk billing

1 November

GPs will be given a greater financial incentive to bulk-bill vulnerable patients under changes to Medicare. The new financial rewards, which kick in from Wednesday, triples the incentives for the bulk billing of pensioners, concession card holders...[Read More]

Sneaky salt shock prompts calls for mandatory limits

1 November

Australians have a killer diet, prompting calls to restrict the amount of salt in certain foods. The average Australian consumes almost double the recommended daily salt level and it’s costing the healthcare system $10 billion a year, according to...[Read More]

Mammograms a game of Where’s Wally for dense breasts

25 October

Up to half of older Australian women have such dense breasts, detecting cancerous tumours becomes as difficult as finding “a polar bear in a snow storm”. Breasts are made up of a combination of fatty tissue and fibroglandular tissue, which...[Read More]

How does building a lasting friendship with a total stranger just happen?

19 October

Building a lasting friendship with a total stranger is a unique and beautiful journey that often begins with a simple act of kindness when someone least expects it. In Australia, a country known for its friendly and welcoming culture, these...[Read More]

Australian-first stem cell trial tackles rare condition

18 October

Young children born with an extremely rare genetic condition will be treated as part of an Australian-first trial. Babies diagnosed with RAG-1 deficient severe combined immunodeficiency, or RAG-1 SCID, are born without infection-fighting immune...[Read More]

COVID-19 third-leading cause of Australian deaths, ABS

4 October

COVID-19 has emerged as one of Australia’s deadliest diseases, surpassed only by heart disease and dementia. Nearly 10,000 Australians – 9859 people – died from the virus last year and COVID contributed to a further 2782 deaths, according to...[Read More]

Diagnosing concussion could be as easy as a blood test

4 October

Researchers are one step closer to creating a blood test to diagnose concussion. A Monash University-led study assessed the blood results of patients who presented to The Alfred Hospital emergency department within six hours of injury. The study...[Read More]

Jump in women diagnosed with under-recognised condition

27 September

There has been a jump in Australian women living with endometriosis and more patients are being diagnosed at an earlier age. About one in seven women aged between 44 and 49 have the inflammatory disease, the Australian Institute of Health and...[Read More]

National vape ban ‘needed quickly’ as state cracks down

27 September

A national ban on retailers selling vapes should be urgently brought in to curb easy access to illicit products containing nicotine, the NSW premier says. The state government on Monday committed $6.8 million over three years for enforcement of...[Read More]

Treating hypertension into old age lowers dementia risk

20 September

Over-60s who receive treatment for high blood pressure are substantially less likely to develop dementia than those who go untreated, according to a study. Researchers at the University of NSW have found treating hypertension over the age of 60...[Read More]

Stronger botox and filler safeguards on the cards

6 September

There’s a fresh crackdown on advertising and regulations for botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures. All registered practitioners will be expected to adhere to new rules around treatments and how they are advertised in early 2024, with...[Read More]