Top 10 Essentials for Lifelong Health and Wellness

16 May

Creating a sustainable approach to health and well-being involves habits and practices that enhance physical, mental, and emotional health over the long term.    Here’s a top 10 list to help maintain ongoing health and well-being:   Balanced...[Read More]

$588 million to set up a low-intensity mental health service

15 May

Efforts to address Australia’s shortage of general practitioners and ease pressure on clogged emergency departments have been labelled a lost opportunity by the nation’s peak medical body. Tuesday’s budget includes $588 million to set up a...[Read More]

Harmonising Life: Ten Tips for Achieving Mindful Work-Life Balance

9 May

Work-life balance is a highly personal and continuously evolving quest. It’s about managing your professional and personal lives in a way that minimizes stress and maximises well-being.    This balance isn’t one-size-fits-all; what works for...[Read More]

CSIRO develops red meat powder to beef up drinks, snacks

8 May

Fancy a steak in your shake? Beef lovers can look forward to the next best thing, with a new red meat powder set to boost beverages and snacks. Developed by national science agency CSIRO, Just Meat protein powder may appear an unlikely choice for...[Read More]

Choosing a New Home: Top 10 Considerations for Selecting the Right Retirement Community

2 May

Finding the right retirement home is a significant decision that marks a new chapter in life. While it might evoke mixed emotions, recognising the need for more tailored care and support can also be a positive step towards enjoying a fulfilling and...[Read More]

Top 10 Strategies to Boost Brain Power and Enhance Mental Agility

2 May

Keeping your mind sharp and agile is crucial for managing the demands of daily life and work, enhancing problem-solving skills, and ensuring long-term mental health.    Here are the top ten tips for sharpening your mind:   Exercise Regularly:...[Read More]

Discovery brings universal flu vaccine one step closer

1 May

A vaccine that can fight off all forms of influenza is one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to a discovery in Melbourne. Scientists at the Doherty Institute have identified nine new similarities between different types of the influenza B...[Read More]

With Love and Legacy: Guiding Our Aging Parents with Compassion and Care

25 April

Watching a parent age and come to terms with their diminishing independence is a profound and emotional journey, one that blends love, duty, and at times, uncomfortable pragmatism.    As children, the shift from being cared for to caring for is a...[Read More]

Planning Your Next Chapter: The Benefits and Timing of Transitioning to a Retirement Home

18 April

Transitioning into a retirement home is a significant life decision that involves careful planning and consideration.    As people age, their living needs change, and moving into a retirement home can offer numerous benefits. Here are the top 10...[Read More]

Vaccines saved ‘thousands’ of people during COVID-19

17 April

COVID-19 vaccines prevented almost 18,000 deaths among people over 50 in NSW as the Omicron strain hit, a study has found. And experts say this may be a conservative estimate after scientists used computer simulations to track death rates. A Royal...[Read More]

Six-hour exercise window linked to better health

10 April

There’s mounting evidence exercising for short bouts during the evening is linked to better health. A University of Sydney study has found obese people who exercise between 6pm and midnight have a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease...[Read More]

Happy Easter: Embracing new beginnings and renewal

28 March

Easter, a time of renewal and reflection, coincides with the transformative beauty of autumn. Even as the leaves fall and the air turns crisp, there is new life and hope. As we gather with family and friends to celebrate Easter, the changing season...[Read More]

Embracing Life’s Simple Pleasures: How Finding Joy in the Little Things Leads to Greater Happiness and Fulfillment

28 March

Finding joy in the little things is an age-old adage, woven into the fabric of countless cultures and philosophies around the world. It’s a simple yet profound principle that encourages us to seek happiness not in grand achievements or material...[Read More]

10 Empowering Strategies for Boosting Self-Esteem, Mental Health, and Physical Fitness

21 March

Maintaining a positive outlook on life, nurturing mental health, and staying physically fit are key components of overall well-being.    Feeling good about yourself is a holistic process, encompassing mind, body, and spirit.   Here are the top...[Read More]

Serving size breakdowns can improve cost perceptions

13 March

Breaking down the cost of fruits and vegetables by serving size could help Australians eat healthier at a fraction of the cost. An Australian-first tool that simplifies grocery shopping by displaying the cost of fresh produce by serving size aims to...[Read More]