Heated inflation figures put rate hike firmly in play

25 October

The latest inflation data has come in hotter than expected and may stir the Reserve Bank into a Melbourne Cup Day rate hike. Consumer prices as tracked by the Australian Bureau of Statistics rose 1.2 per cent over the three months to September, up...[Read More]

Financial boost on the way for working pensioners

18 October

Seniors will soon be able to earn more money without their fortnightly age pension being affected. Laws introduced to federal parliament on Wednesday will give a $4000 boost to those on the pension who are also doing some paid work. Under the...[Read More]

Welcome progress on inflation as rate hikes take effect

30 August

The pace of inflation has slowed more than expected, suggesting the Reserve Bank’s rapid-fire interest rate hikes are working. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported a healthy moderation in its monthly consumer price index to 4.9 per cent in...[Read More]

Australia welcomes China shipments after barley barney

30 August

Australian barley growers have sent the first shipments of grain to China since punitive tariffs were dropped, as the trade minister flags further trade barriers coming down soon. CBH chair Simon Stead said barley prices had already gone up $50-60 a...[Read More]

Report to shine light on future economic shifts

16 August

Australia’s long-term economic outlook is set to be revealed next week with the release of the latest Intergenerational Report. Treasurer Jim Chalmers will release the report at an address to the National Press Club next Thursday which will...[Read More]

Lid on exports leaves nation with huge wine hangover

16 August

Australia’s glut of wine will continue for some years with more than 2.8 billion bottles in storage, a report has found. Even in a best-case scenario, with the removal of Chinese tariffs and a recovery in sales to the region, it would take at...[Read More]

Soft landing tipped for economy as RBA trims inflation

2 August

A soft landing for the economy remains on the cards as the Reserve Bank maintains it’s possible to drive down inflation without sacrificing growth. Australia’s central bank opted on Tuesday afternoon to keep interest rates on hold in a move that...[Read More]

Few plan to spend tax returns as economy stalls

12 July

Just one in 20 Australians plan to splurge on big-ticket items when their tax returns come through, with most opting to squirrel them away or pay down debt. Amid acute cost of living pressures and a string of interest rate rises, surveying by...[Read More]

Albanese lays down EU trade deal bottom line

12 July

Australia will only sign a trade deal with the European Union when the agreement includes better market access for agricultural products. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese laid down his bottom line for the ambitious multi-nation trade agreement...[Read More]

Australia not expected to enter recession.

5 July

Acting Treasurer Katy Gallagher has called on the states and territories to better “phase” their massive infrastructure projects, but stopped short of labelling them inflationary. Senator Gallagher said the federal government was working with...[Read More]

Australia to ease visa rules to boost Indonesian ties

5 July

Australia will make business travel for Indonesians easier under a deal to be struck between Anthony Albanese and President Joko Widodo. Mr Widodo was formally welcomed in Sydney on Tuesday on what will likely be his final official visit to...[Read More]

Inflation surprise as rate of price growth slows in May

28 June

A sharp fall in consumer prices will take pressure off the Reserve Bank, but persistent growth in rents and services will keep further rate hikes in play. The consumer price index sunk back to 5.6 per cent in the year to May, from 6.8 per cent in...[Read More]