Add a fresh row of stories to your website [new product]

Over the years Feedsy has had many clients ask whether it is possible to make their own websites more dynamic by adding a news feed.

Well, a feed of their Feedsy stories to be exact.

Some have paid a developer to code up a solution for them whilst others have been patiently waiting for Feedsy to release a low cost, no fuss solution that works seamlessly with their FeedsyWeb content.

Well, the wait is over!


FeedsyRow is here.


Initially for WordPress sites only, Feedsy can install a row of 4 most recent articles on your home page or any suitable page.

There are a choice of customisations including only displaying a single story category (eg your own “Blog” articles).

But if choice is too hard then the default settings will still make your site look alive and current.

FeedsyRow is a great way to generate more traffic between your site and your news FeedsyWeb site (which Google loves).



  • There is a small set-up fee of $275
    But is $0 with all full Feedsy Web+Mail+Social and Apps+Mail+Web plans.
  • A tiny monthly fee of $22pm.


CLICK HERE to find out more.


What do you think? We’d love your FEEDBACK.


Gavin and the Feedsy Team!


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