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With Feedsy gaining Google Reviews has never been easier

Google Reviews.

You (or your customers) have most likely used them before – consciously or not:

  • Noticing a 4.5 star rating has created assurance about making the right purchasing decision.
  • A business has been recommended (over others) online because it has a Google Map and is rated highly.

And yes, Google (not surprisingly) loves businesses with great Google Reviews.

However for some, it is a mystery how to get enough reviews for Google or people to notice and, for others, even how to get them at all.

Worse still. Many businesses avoid Google Reviews altogether as they fear publicly displaying negative comments.

Google Reviews made easy for business

Over the years we have heard many say they have tried (unsuccessfully) to gain reviews by sporadically asking for them either verbally or by email.

Most businesses fail because they either forget to ask or they make it too difficult for their customers.

Feedsy has developed a way for businesses to systematically and specifically gather reviews from their happiest customers.

FeedsyReviews is a natural companion to FeedsyNPS and TestimonialWall which are currently regularly gathering about 25 testimonials a quarter (and just under 100 per year) for businesses from only their happiest clients.

FeedsyReviews makes it super easy for those who are very likely to recommend a business to a friend or a colleague to not only create an auto-testimonial but also to transfer it into a Google Review with a simple click of a button.

And this is all done in the background whilst businesses get on with the business of making their clients happy.

It’s another way that Feedsy helps businesses grow their client base.

How to set-up Google Reviews

Luckily, for those without Google Reviews, Google make it super easy to set this up (or even claim it if it already exists).

The first step is setting up a Google My Business account which is free and is easy to do. The only catch is that you need to wait a week or so to receive a validation code sent to your address rom Google to make sure you are a real business to complete the process.


And if that sounds too hard then Feedsy can do this for you.

Once you have your account you simply provide your Google Review link to Feedsy to activate your FeedsyReviews in your Advocator plan.

But what about bad reviews?

The brilliant thing about FeedsyNPS and FeedsyReviews is that any negative feedback (including constructive criticism) that is collected is sent directly to the business and not made public.

On average, our clients have only received 1-2 negative reviews per quarter and have found the feedback to be useful to act on and in most cases have solved any niggling (and usually minor) issues.

So, again to be clear… Feedsy will not direct any negative (or even 50/50) comments to a Google Review page or anywhere public.

However if people do provide less than glowing comments (or more likely something awesome), Google recommends engaging with your reviewers and if someone strays outside of Google’s guidelines, businesses can request the removal of inappropriate comments.

Getting Started

If you are already on the Advocator plan then FeedsyReviews is available for you right now. All we need is your Google Review link.

If you’d like to find out more or see FeedsyReviews in action then why not make a time to Zoom so I can show you personally.


Gavin Klose
Co-founder of Feedsy


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