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Why are Google reviews so important and how do I get them?

We hear a lot that advice professionals would love to have great Google reviews for their business, but they either don’t know how to get them or are worried about how much time it will take to moderate or get more reviews.

Well, let’s look at the what, why and how of Google reviews for your business.

What are Google reviews?

In Google Maps and Search, reviews show up next to your Business Profile. There are several reasons why this can be very advantageous for you.

5 reasons why Google reviews are important

These are ways that Google reviews have been proven to help the businesses that use them.

1. Local search rankings

You may not be aware that when people are looking for a particular type of service, they will often search for [business type] + [location] or “reviews.” For instance, someone may type into a search box: “accountants Atlanta reviews.” Can you imagine the effect on your business when your name comes right up with glowing testimonials?

2. Trust and credibility

In this day and age, a vast majority of people actually trust online reviews every bit as much as personal referrals. Also, the more you have, the more likely you are to get contacted.

3. Customer intelligence

The feedback you get from reviews is invaluable. You will find out what you are doing right and learn which areas are in need of improvement.

Worried about negative reviews? Feedsy can generate reviews from only your happiest clients.

4. Better click-through rates

Your business appears as a link on Google. Positive reviews increase the odds people will click on it.

5. Easier to contact you

Google makes it possible for searchers to call a business directly from their Google Maps listing. And it turns out that a lot of businesses are now getting called more often directly from their Google listing than from their own websites. Sometimes, the callers don’t even visit the business website first.

How do you get Google reviews?

There is a very simple process for generating Google reviews.

Set up My Business

First, you have to set up a Google My Business account. It’s completely free, and not at all difficult. But you do have to wait about a week or so for Google to send you a validation code to confirm you are a real business.

Feedsy can help you with this!

Ask for reviews with a link

Once your account is opened, you can create a short link to share with clients, asking that they leave you a review. They will only need to click on it to leave a review for you.

Promote your link

The best way to get positive reviews is to email clients asking for one after you’ve had a positive experience. An easy way to do this would be to place the request in the footer of an email.

Feedsy can automate asking for Google reviews from ONLY your happiest clients.

What is keeping you from getting more Google reviews?

There is no question that positive Google reviews can lead to more potential new clients. FeedsyReviews can give you all of the advantages that Google reviews can bring, without adding any work to your busy schedule or worry about negative reviews. Contact us today to find out what Feedsy can do for you.


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