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Five things people love:

  1. A good race, especially when the winner comes from the back of the pack.
  2. Watching video on their devices – Youtube rules.
  3. Reminiscing of how life used to be.
  4. Catching the latest trends.
  5. Data graphs.

OK, unless you are a statistician or data analyst, you may not have put that last one on your list of favourites.

But imagine combining all five together and turning them into amazing animated data graph videos showing changing trends over time with races to the top for the most popular, best, tallest, fastest, etc.

Yep, now we’re talking: Fancy Data.

You may not have realised that there is a growing community of Data Visualisers who are (in the words of one of our favourites, Data Is Beautiful) “taking us on a fun trip down memory lane together so we can relive the colorful events we all experienced”.

Above is an example by Data Is Beautiful with more down below.

You’ll find yourself mesmerised watching history in the making – by a moving bar graph!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, each graph has information about the data source in the description in the original Youtube link.


Now you can include Fancy Data in your Feedsy StoryMix – for free.

We will be publishing these once a fortnight and they will covering a growing range of topics from pop culture, consumer technology, history, sport, environment…



By Data Is Beautiful


By DataGrapha





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