[Update from Steve] Top 4 benefits of newsletter marketing for professionals

Marketing professional services requires a different approach than, say, promoting products, or services provided by companies.

Professionals such as Accountants, Financial Advisers, Insurance Advisers, Attorneys, Physicians, and Dentists rely heavily on their reputation, so their marketing programs must have a dignified tone and be paced at the right frequency.

Content is the foundation of successful marketing for professional services. No matter how rapidly the marketing world changes, quality content that educates, is relevant and interesting and has an impact never goes out of style.

This is particularly true in professional services marketing, where the audience is averse to gimmicky messages. People want high-quality content that educates and informs — something that’s essential to the successful marketing of professional services, and newsletters are a great tool for delivering it.

If you haven’t tried newsletter marketing before as part of your strategy, knowing the following benefits might inspire you to give it a try.

1. It can help you gain a loyal following.

Customer or patient acquisition is important, but loyalty is even more important. Any genuine brand or professional service provider requires a strategy to build client loyalty.

The core subscription base for newsletters comprises previous and existing clients or patients. Newsletters aid in the development of relationships, and it is these interactions that keep clients or patients returning.

2. It builds your credibility.

When providing a professional service in which experience is required, being perceived as an authority makes all the difference. Therefore, being viewed as an authority figure is key to your self-promotion strategy.

A quality newsletter containing well-written content that showcases your knowledge and expertise will work to establish your credibility. At the same time, it provides your readers (or former and current clients or patients) with timely, relevant information that they value.

3. It educates your audience.

The most effective marketing newsletters educate their readers. If you do this, you’re effectively distinguishing yourself from others who are merely aiming to make a quick sale.

Remember, audiences are frequently suspicious when a marketer distributes a brochure or runs an advertisement. Therefore, rather than creating content that’s all about yourself, make sure it’s relevant to and will resonate with your readers

4. It shows your reliability.

When you start sending high-quality newsletters on a regular basis, it shows your reliability and readers will come to expect it.

Most marketers typically send frequent transaction-oriented email communications as more is typically perceived as better. However, with educational or instructional newsletters, less is more. A monthly newsletter is usually the best option.

Newsletter marketing can help you build relationships and loyalty, reinforce your credibility and reliability, and educate your audience. With its low cost and high impact, it’s an effective way to market your professional services.

However, it requires a focus on producing high-quality content delivered in a dignified tone and at the right frequency.

If you haven’t tried newsletter marketing, perhaps it’s time to use it now to promote your professional services, so you can start reaping the benefits.


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Steve Holmes
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