Elements of your business to protect and boost, especially if you are wanting to attract customers and buyers

Steve Holmes
(Co-founder Feedsy)


When you own a financial practice, you are in a unique position to take advantage of several industry metrics in the event you want to sell your company. Look ahead and always be aware of making your company attractive to buyers for the day you decide to move on.

The things you do to attract buyers will also attract customers in the meantime.

Many Financial Advisers currently use Feedsy to attract and keep clients while boosting the appeal of their practice for succession time. This not only ensures continued profitability through client engagement but also makes it possible to provide continued service to clients, plus ongoing employment for your staff. The company will have a future long after you find a successor.

Our focus is not merely on preparing to sell, so much of our guidance will help you in the efficient running of your business. That said, the things we focus on are the most likely to boost your company attractiveness and ultimately value in the future.

The three types of buyers

Bargain hunters

While these are active buyers, they expect a discount on the value of your business. If you need out in a hurry or have some tax or financial problems, this is your target buyer.

Fair value buyers

You will get a reasonable offer from these buyers. They will look at all aspects of your business that can be assigned a monetary value and make an offer that is “in the ballpark” of your expectations.

Premium buyers

Those who perceive strong potential for your business will be willing to pay a higher price than the current value would suggest. You must show growth potential to these buyers, so the following tips will help validate premium value in your business.

Elements of your business to protect and boost

Client engagement

It is vital to keep clients interested by showing you are interested in them. A loyal customer will purchase repeatedly and will refer others to your service.

Of course, client engagement has great value in the present, but at selling time, customer loyalty will be essential for a prospective buyer.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

These scores measure the customer’s view of your brand, as well as whether they would recommend you. Knowing how to conduct these surveys is essential for preserving and growing your reputation and will show value when you are ready to sell. These scores are the industry standard. You must constantly monitor and improve them to remain competitive and create value for buyers who may approach you. It is rare you can advise prospective buyers an up to date NPS score of your business, FeedsyNPS can help.

Accurate client data

Maintaining information about your clients, from contact information to account details, provides a prospective buyer with the opportunity to evaluate your client base and assign value to it. Without this information, you will be in the position of asking a buyer to take your word for it. Few people hand over cash based on vague representations.

Your action step

Actually, there are several action steps you could be taking right now but Feedsy can evaluate your client engagement and to help you understand not only why your client engagement is so attractive to prospective buyers but also the steps you should take to improve it. We can establish metrics and help you create real value by preparing for succession.

Feedsy automates the process of tracking your client engagement, net promoter scores and client data health. In addition, we determine which of your clients are your best promoters — those who spread your reputation by word of mouth and are likely to give you good online ratings. We can also identify your detractors so you can take action to mitigate any negativity that is out there in the marketplace and provides you the opportunity to restore the client goodwill before they leave you.

Find 15 minutes with me to find out how we can help with your client nurture and growth plans. We have an Advanced Client Engagement program that can make all the difference to your business efficiencies and client facing time.


Steve Holmes
(Co-founder Feedsy)


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