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The most important email marketing optimisations

Steve Holmes


As marketers, we are always looking for best practice, but importantly we often seek solutions for what works best for our clients and our business. Nobody knows your clients like you,  so please keep this research in context, but I do believe this research will help. It is not easy to achieve all of the findings below so you may need further assistance.

When I was reading this research I was encouraged to see that the report highlighted many of the attributes we live by at Feedsy.

If you wanted to significantly improve your client engagement and email marketing services, business to client (B2C), and business to business (B2B) marketers say that personalisation, beautiful design, and using automation are among the most important email strategy optimisations. This is according to recent research from Ascend2.

Firstly, for email optimisation, these are the most important characteristics to improve

Secondly, do some tests before sending your next email campaign

The research suggests the most important attributes of your next email campaign is a beautiful design, deliverability and a catchy subject line.

Third, incorporate effective automation

The research highlights the most effective automated engagement from emails are from welcome messages, thank you messages and surveys seeking client feedback.

About the research:
The report was based on data from a survey conducted in December 2020 among 298 marketers (40% of whom work for B2C firms, 31% for B2B firms, and 29% for hybrid B2C-B2B firms).


Why not reach out to us for help:

At Feedsy we have an exciting new automated client feedback ecosystem backed by the Net Promoter Score (NPS) philosophy resulting in many more client testimonials and referral opportunities. We would love to show you, and yes they are all thanked when responding.

At this point, you might also be wondering how Feedsy can help with testing your campaigns, that was one area we have not really talked about. Well, just one of the highlights is that we can automate the subject line of your email to be the same title as your very first story and this changes every month, pretty cool hey! Often, when our clients add their own personalised story this will also be the subject line of the email.

You may even try sending your emails on different days of the week, to see if your open and click rates improve. The best day to send emails used to be Tuesday, but since COVID-19 it’s now Friday. One of our recent blogs goes into more detail about exactly that, you can read all about it HERE.



Contact us at Feedsy today to discuss your own email newsletter goals but importantly to discover or update your blueprint for Advanced Client Engagement.



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