Support for republic at 50pct: Newspoll

(Australian Associated Press)


Australia’s republican movement may have more work to do after a new poll revealed only half of citizens want a republic, in line with another poll conducted just eight months ago.

The Newspoll shows 50 per cent of voters back Australia becoming a republic, with 41 per cent wanting to retain a constitutional monarchy and nine per cent uncommitted, The Australian reported on Tuesday.

Those in favour of a republic if Prince Charles takes the throne is higher, with 55 per cent in favour, 35 per cent against and 10 per cent uncommitted.

The poll, taken between April 5-8 compares to the previous poll in August 2017 when 51 per cent were in favour of the republic, 38 per cent were against and 11 per cent were uncommitted.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ran the Yes campaign for the 1999 republic referendum, which delivered a resounding 54.87 per cent ‘no’ vote.

Prince Charles has been visiting Australia last week and opened the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

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