Sending May Budget related articles to your clients


It’s a great time to send some extra stories to your clients via email, app or your social medial channels. As you know the May budget effects us all in some way.

Yesterday we sent a few stories to your news feed that would help you to inform your clients.

Today several more stories have arrived that you may like to send out to your clients or prospects over the next week.



So you want to send a custom email message to your clients (or prospects) – right now?

  1. If you have our App+Mail+Web package here is a short video on how to do it.
    Watch this 5 minute video
  2. If not it sounds like you might need FeedsyFlash, in-fact we are using it right now.


FeedsyFlash is perfect for:

  • Any special offer that is due to end in a fortnight.
  • An insightful (or even witty) commentary about a topic that happened today.
  • A special Christmas, New Years, Easter, Australia Day or Anzac Day message.
  • Promoting a seminar or event.
  • Inviting clients to participate in a survey.
  • A Federal Budget Update.

FeedsyFlash comes as part of MailPlus where you can also:

  • Automatically send BirthdayMails
  • Automatically send AnnualMails
  • Send extra FeedsyMails

To get FeedsyFlash and MailPlus, click here

I hope this helps, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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