Send bulk emails whenever you want with FeedsyFlash


So you want to send a custom email message to your clients (or prospects) – right now.

Sounds like you need FeedsyFlash.

Oh and you also want your emails to look consistently great (just like your FeedsyMail) and you want to use the email addresses from your FeedsyList (which means you won’t spam those who have unsubscribed).

But you don’t want to wait until the first Tuesday of the month nor do you want your single message to get lost amongst the other nine awesome articles of your FeedsyMail.

It would also be handy if you could create a single message (once) to send by email, appear on your news web pages as well as sharing it on social media so that all clicks lead back to your darn good looking FeedsyWeb pages (and then to your website).

If any of the above ticked your boxes, you definitely need FeedsyFlash – the best way to send single message emails whenever you want.

FeedsyFlash is perfect for:

  • A special offer that is due to end in a fortnight.
  • An insightful (or even witty) commentary about a topic that happened today.
  • A special Christmas, New Years, Easter, Australia Day or Anzac Day message.
  • Promoting a seminar or event.
  • Inviting clients to participate in a survey.
  • A Federal Budget Update.

Like FeedsyMail, you have access to analytics of each email’s opens, clicks and subscriber management.

Click here to see the manual control you have over the content and sending of FeedsyFlash vs FeedsyMail.

So now you have the convenience of monthly auto sending with FeedsyMail AND the flexibility of manual on-demand single message sending with FeedsyFlash – both reinforcing your brand with a strong, clean and consistent design.

FeedsyFlash has no ongoing monthly or annual fees and, up until 31 August 2015, has no set-up fee (normally $330 including GST).


Want to get started with FeedsyFlash?

Click here.


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