Say Merry Christmas in a FeedsyFlash!

Communicating with clients in December and January is just so powerful. During this time we are visiting friends, relatives and often traveling on holiday, our mind is open, we smile, and we tell stories. That’s where word of mouth and great content comes in 🙂 An adviser of choice focuses on relationships and ongoing education.

After 27 years of working with advice providers, here’s a key insight we’ve learned, very few clients are mind readers. For clients to feel valued, you have to make a point of letting them know.

So, you want to say a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year in a FeedsyFlash?

It sounds like you need FeedsyFlash and we know many of you already have it.

Gavin and I hope to see or speak with you on the other end of clicking on one of these links 🙂

Merry Christmas!








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