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Referral tips: What’s going on in their life that’s important to them? Using regular feedback to grow your business

When receiving referrals from clients and centres of influence, the more you learn about the new prospect the better. You’ll feel more confident calling them and you’ll have a better phone call.

Here’s a great question to ask your clients when they give you referrals…

“What’s going on in their life that’s important to them right now?”

Since money intersects all aspects of our lives, the answer to this question will often be the compelling reason why these people should meet with you. Without a compelling reason, people will unlikely give you a piece of their valuable time.

Ask this question. You’ll immediately see the value.


Use regular feedback to grow your business

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a popular customer feedback tool widely used almost exclusively by the world’s largest brands.

That is, until now.

Feedsy now makes NPS affordable and super easy so that small business’ can also enjoy the benefits of gaining regular customer ratings and views through FeedsyNPS.

Read more about using regular feedback to grow your business.


Easy for you

Auto-send an email survey to all of your clients every quarter

Trigger manually to an individual whenever you like, for example just after a really positive client meeting you have just had.

Receive email alerts and full feedback details every time you receive a score


Easy for clients

Clients receive an email with a small intro and are then asked how likely they are to recommend you to someone else

They click 1 – 10

If they click 9 or 10 they are asked why provided that score

If they click 1 – 8 they are asked what you need to do to improve your score next time

You can also use this same process to add a Google review



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