[New feature] Now get analytics and more from your FeedsyCentre

Remember when you had to go into a pizza restaurant to eat a pizza? Or go into a coffee shop to drink a decent coffee? If it wasn’t for American movies we would never have known there were such things as home delivery or drive-thru. Life keeps getting more convenient – and as consumers, we expect it to.

That’s why we’re constantly developing the Feedsy system. We listen to your feedback and then we do our best to improve things to make them easier for you to use.

Last month, you may have noticed some changes to the Feedsy back-end. Your FeedsyCentre dashboard has been simplified and your Feedsy life made more convenient.

From your single FeedsyCentre login, we now bring more things to you…


App Marketing Toolbox (AMT)


You can now download your AMT at any time – directly from your FeedsyCentre Dashboard. So your marketing graphics and code are always at your fingertips for you to promote your app to the world.



FeedsyList Stats


On the main Dashboard you now see live info on your FeedsyList (subscriber) growth. See new subscribers, bounces and unsubscribes over the last week, month and all time.



FeedsyList Management and Analytics


Directly access your FeedsyMailHQ to upload, edit or export subscribers. You can even see what individual subscribers are opening and reading. All this now from inside your FeedsyCentre.



FeedsyMail Analytics


You can now see how people are engaging with your FeedsyMail from your FeedsyMailHQ directly accessed from your FeedsyCentre. View email open and click rates as well as the most clicked-on stories each month or over all time.



We’d love your feedback (feedsy-back?) and further suggestions – CLICK HERE.


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