New Feedsy package names to better reflect how they help you

As Feedsy has grown, so has our understanding of the needs of the businesses we help. This has led to introducing new products and add-ons.

And this has meant that our product names have also grown, ie FeedsyWeb+Mail+More+More etc.

Now, we are about to launch some new products (including a Referral eco-system) but rather than add “+Referrals+et al…” to the end of an existing package name we have stopped and asked ourselves,

“What’s in a name?”.

Our business philosophy has always been to make your marketing and communications (and life) easier and more beautiful.

We want to better align our packages with both what we stand for and what your business needs.

So, rather than our package naming being a list of what is in them, we reckon it’s a better to simplify them to best reflect what they will do for you.

“OK, enough of the preamble,” we hear your say, “what are these new names of which you speak?”




Previously known as Web+Mail.

This plan makes it beautiful and easy to regularly communicate with clients and prospects.

The COMMUNICATOR package is great for client retention, lead conversion and brand awareness (when boosted with social media*).

And for financial advisers, all of our packages tick that compliance box which adds to your ongoing fee-for-service proposition.

Included in this package:

  • FeedsyWeb
  • FeedsyMail (1 per month)
  • 1 Feedster (admin login**)




Was known as Web+Mail Premium and App+Mail+Web. These packages have also had other products bundled in including FeedsyPrint, MailPlus (FeedsyFlash and BirthdayMail), Segments, WebApps, etc).

This plan builds on COMMUNICATOR by providing a platform for extra email marketing and communication campaigns that can be more targeted, customised and personalised.

We can help businesses to segment campaigns and clients by life-stage, service levels, client type, etc (just to name a few).

An additional PlainText email template is also available for more personal looking email communications (including an auto welcome email for new subscribers).

Birthday emails are also included and, if preferred, the new PlainText template provides an opportunity for a more personalised message (with an image or animation).

CAMPAIGNER also extends your reach beyond email with WebApps and being able to create PDF or printed communications in seconds with FeedsyPrint.

Included in this package:

  • COMMUNICATOR features
  • Up to 5 emails per month
  • Segments
  • FeedsyFlash
  • BirthdayMail
  • FeedsyPrint
  • New subscriber welcome email (using FeedsyJourneys engine)
  • PlainText email template
  • WebApps
  • 2 Feedsters (admin login**)
  • FeedsyApps (legacy***)



ADVOCATOR – coming soon

This is a new package which includes products to inspire and enable clients into becoming advocates for your brand.

This package adds a referral eco-system to CAMPAIGNER. With ADVOCATOR, referrals are generated and followed-up – the easy way.

New clients can also be nurtured (to love you even more) with new automated onboarding email journeys.

To be included in this package:

  • CAMPAIGNER features
  • FeedsyReferrals (discover more)
  • FeedsyJourneys (Onboarding module)



What does this mean to existing Feedsy clients?

Pricing for the equivalent COMMUNICATOR and CAMPAIGNER packages (including Lite versions and add-ons) remain the same but these new simpler names will appear on future Feedsy statements.

ADVOCATOR pricing and further details will be announced soon.


Any questions or feedback?

If you would like to catch up, review your current plan, or enquire further about ADVOCATOR please book in a time with Steve right HERE.


* FeedsySocial is still available as an add-on.
** Additional Feedsters can be added for a small admin fee.
*** FeedsyApps are no longer available for new customers.


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