Looking back is just as important as looking ahead

20 December 2017

You’re backing the car out of the drive; the kids are squabbling; you’re late for work and you simply don’t have the time to look behind you.

It’s a common scene but with hundreds of thousands of children walking along footpaths on the way to school, it’s important to ensure you’re vigilant when backing out.

In a recent survey of 500 parents, over 90 per cent said they believed driveway safety is an important issue and worryingly, 70 per cent think the worst is likely to happen in their own driveway.

On average, seven children are killed nationally each year and 60 are seriously injured after being hit or run over.

School drop-off and pick-up times can be incredibly busy and stressful with more kids on the footpath and around driveways than normal. It’s important to always be vigilant when in the car.

Kidsafe NSW Executive Officer Christine Erskine said the New Year provides a timely reminder that road safety is critical and children are especially vulnerable around cars.

“Young school children move quickly and have no real sense of danger, therefore they could be in the path of a moving vehicle quite suddenly,” said Ms Erskine.

Kidsafe has recommended the following tips to keep children safe around cars:

  • Always supervise children whenever a vehicle is to be moved. Hold their hands or hold them close to keep them safe.
  • If you’re the only adult around and need to move a vehicle, even just a small distance, put children securely in the vehicle with you while you move it.
  • Ensure children play in safer areas away from the driveway or cars.
  • Make sure you do your reverse checks thoroughly – you never know who could be behind you.
  • Consider installing or purchasing a vehicle with a reversing camera.

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