It’s time to amplify the good news

Dig up those client testimonials and amplify the good news about your advice. Then blog and multi-share across all of your communication platforms. It’s easy with Feedsy, but do it any way you can. 94% of advice clients are satisfied so we need to amplify the good news so that non-advice clients know what they are missing out on. If you are not an Adviser, the same rules apply, your current and future customers will love hearing reviews from other happy customers.

Feedsy is quite simply the easiest way to have awesome client engagement and communicate with your clients on a regular basis, I would love to show you more.

Use regular feedback to grow your business

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a popular customer feedback tool widely used almost exclusively by the world’s largest brands.

That is, until now…

Feedsy now makes NPS affordable and super easy so that small businesses can also enjoy the benefits of gaining regular customer ratings and views through FeedsyNPS.

It starts like this…

Easy for you

  1. Bulk set a email survey to auto-send every quarter
  2. Trigger manually to an individual whenever you like
  3. Receive email alerts and full feedback details every time you receive a score

Easy for customers

Customers receive an email with a small intro and are then asked how likely they are to recommend you to someone else

They click 1 – 10

If they click 9 or 10 they are asked why provided that score (with their permission, they are immediately displayed publicly).

If they click 1 – 8 they are asked what you need to do to improve your score next time, (their comments are not public and you get to respond).

Again, those 9’s and 10’s are auto-published to your own testimonials page for to share socially, for all to see.

You can see ours HERE


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