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As a Feedsy client, you know how easy it is to reach your customers and prospects via FeedsyApp, Mail, Web and Print. And you also know you can add your own articles into the mix if you want to – Christmas messages, anniversaries, announcements, stories on topics that specifically interest you or are particular to your business. But it can be hard to find time to write all this stuff, right? Or even to think up something interesting to say in the first place.

We feel your pain. That’s why we developed FeedsyWrite  – the easiest way to create your own content without lifting a pen.

At Feedsy we’ve gathered a team of professional writers who specialise in writing on a variety of subjects. They’re on call to develop content specifically for your business, on whatever topic you like.

Getting started is easy. Our FeedsyWrite Director, Kirsty Parkin, will work with you to develop a series of briefs for our writers.  All content then comes to you within 5 working days for feedback with a great image, completely SEO ready and perfect for social sharing.

“I’m really excited to announce the launch of FeedsyWrite”, says Gavin Klose, Co-Founder and Director of Feedsy. “It’s something our clients have been requesting for some time, and it’s great to be able to finally offer them a bespoke content development service which delivers straight into the Feedsy system. We’re also really pleased we’ve been able to manage such a great price.”

To celebrate the launch of FeedsyWrite, we’ve put together a special offer for all new and existing Feedsy clients. Sign up for six months worth of articles before the end of August 2016, and receive the first month free!  Call Kirsty at on 0422 758 126 to find out more, or email her on [email protected].

For more details on FeedsyWrite, head to the new page on our website here.


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