Introducing a new “News Page” template: It’s a free upgrade for all

This is another big upgrade to complement the launch of our new email design templates that we launched back in March 2022. For a limited time, we are offering our newly created FeedsyWeb “News Page” upgrade free to all current clients currently using Feedsy and to those who would like to start something new with Feedsy (normally only available on certain plans).

To action your upgrade simply email [email protected]

Feedsy is committed to new ways to make you look good in front of your clients.


Again, you have been asking for it and we’ve been listening, and now we can deliver an additional option for your news page (i.e your blog) that is updated by Feedsy.

Design 1 – ClassicPLUS

By popular demand, ClassicPLUS adds a couple of sentences to our original design to give people a bit of a taste before they click to read more.

You can see our page here:

Some other features include:

– All of the articles are neatly lined up
– only 3 articles wide to create the feeling of more space
– Include as many articles as you like on the page


Design 2 – Classic

OK, this isn’t new. We have kept our original because, for some, you just can’t beat a Classic.



With our new design options you can also:

  • Better match your website’s BUTTON styling
  • Match the BACKGROUND colours of your Feedsy channels with your website
  • Change the VIEW MORE button text to anything you like on your FeedsyWeb

What do you think? We’d love your input.

Who says “Looks are not everything”?


For a limited time we are offering this FREE upgrade to all clients no matter which plan you are currently on and to those that would like to start something new with Feedsy.


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