International Press Release: Feedsy to launch their digital email and content marketing platform in the UK

Gavin Klose and Steve Holmes


Email and content marketing platform Feedsy have announced they will be launching their digital, automated email and social media marketing services in the United Kingdom

Steve states ‘we are pleased to announce that Feedsy will be officially launching in the UK from the end of April 2020’.

Mr Holmes stated that they had been working with the international consultancy company BFSC Ltd to analyse the UK financial services industry and felt the time was right to launch their digitalised automated marketing solutions, especially with the recent upsurge and demand for online content by organisations and their customers in response to the COVID-19 lockdown provisions.

Tony Beaven CEO of BFSC Ltd stated ‘we analysed the Banking, Financial Planning and Retirement environment in the United Kingdom and identified that there is an unprecedented need for organisations to accommodate the existing and future generational requirements of clients who want more information at their fingertips to make an informed choice’.

Beaven stated that Feedsy fills this gap by providing bespoke automated digital marketing solutions that allow organisations to regularly and proactively engage their client base in a cost-efficient manner which can create a number of significant benefits for the organisation.

For further information please contact Steve Holmes on +61 423 020 190 (Adelaide) or Tony Beaven on +447 447 118 521 (UK)


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