Are you interested in your own branded calculators?

Steve Holmes

From time to time I am asked, “Does Feedsy offer calculators?” My answer has always been no… and still is, but I am aware of a great solution that I wanted to share with you.

I feel ideas like this are worth sharing particularly when they can add value to your client’s experience and when they can direct more clients to you.

The FPHub is the brainchild of Ben Haynes who is an Authorised Representative for AMP Financial Planning and I wanted to share his story below.


Ben Haynes
(Haysman Financial Services & FPHub)


How did the idea come about? 

This idea came about as it is the nature of the times and my generation to head to the internet for answers, rather than calling someone. 

Think through the scenario, where a couple want an increase on their home loan.  The first thing the couple will do is go online and find a calculator that tells them how much extra it will cost, most of the banks then have an easy way to ask them for help, which directs the clients to a branch or increase their loan direct.  A large amount of these clients don’t understand that if you do this simple increase through the bank, then the broker loses ongoing trail. 

The same works for someone who just wants to see how much impact salary sacrifice can have on their final super balance or how much much an investment can grow based on varying interest rates, contributions etc. 

What’s in it for you?

By using third party websites to provide these calculations, we are giving the clients easy access to many other ways to get the information rather than seeing their financial planner.  It is usually right there on the site we have encouraged them to use, or not provided an alternative to.  If they really want an alternative way to get the information, they will find it but why make it easy…

I have created the financial planning hub as an alternative. 

This is the reason I built it for our business and the benefits I see are:

  • Providing easy to access and easy to use financial calculators that are branded by us and only link back to our website
  • Creating a solid reason for clients to make regular visits to our website
  • It can be saved and converted to a smart phone app
  • We embed it into our own branded FeedsyApp called “Haysman News”
  • Many clients receiving financial advice complete a budget as part of the process.  They can use our electronic version, which also exposes clients to the other benefits of the site
  • Each calculator is designed to give enough information to satisfy but not replace financial advice
  • Each calculator has an explanation on how financial planning can help with the results
  • A simple to use forms library, across multiple products
  • This section focuses on things such as superannuation choice forms, beneficiary forms and change of details
  • It avoids forms like withdrawals and investment switches

You can test it now:

  1. Here is the test link to the Financial Planning Hub
  2. You could also see it in our own branded FeedsyApp called Haysman News downloadable from your app store


As you can see it is completely white labeled and can be adapted to any business, even the weblink is branded.

It isn’t designed to stop clients calling for these things, but gives a simple alternative rather than them having to check product websites which also have a lot of information we have no control over.

Still interested?

For a practice to have access to their own version of my site, I am only charging either $88 per month or discounted to $880 for anyone happy to pay yearly.

For anyone that signs up, I’m offering the first month free with no obligations.  This allows them to have a good try and test it with some clients before paying anything.

For this price, I will keep the calculators and forms up to date, plus it allows me to make enhancements, eg adding other calculators. 

No client information is saved in the site. 

You can contact Ben on: 
Mobile:   0415 222 711
[email protected]


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