INFOGRAPHIC: FeedsyMail trial’s beautiful stats


We launched FeedsyMail in February by offering it as a trial to a handful of our pioneer Feedsyites.

We thought we’d share some stats to show you how it is going so far.

Executive Summary:

It is going great!!!! Here is an INFOGRAPHIC with the four highlights explained more below…


1. Our email open rates are averaging at 31.2% and click rates at 6.7%.

There are various industry benchmarks for open rates (how many people open the email) and click rates (how many people click something on the email) but there is a general consensus that open rates are normally between 20-40% and 3-4% is good for click rates.

So we are doing well with open rates (in fact, some are as high as 50%!) and click rates are exceptional.

2. FeedsyMail has greater reach than FeedsyApps

Averaging out our trial Feedsyites, the ratio of people receiving news by email:apps is 13:3 meaning that FeedsyMail currently has more reach than FeedsyApps.

3. FeedsyMail is helping grow FeedsyApps downloads

On average, Apple app downloads increased by 18% and Android apps increased by 50% during the trial period. This is mainly due to the linked App Store badges that appear in the header and footer of each email that is sent.

4. Apple still dominates Android in total app downloads

Even though there was a 50% increase in Android app downloads, in terms of total lifetime downloads, there are still 463% more Apple than Android for our trial Feedsyites.

So, can FeedsyMail help you connect?

If you are interested in growing your Feedsy audience by adding email and growing app downloads, then checkout FeedsyMail for yourself – HERE. Or contact Steve via our contact page in the app.


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