“I have just used the FeedsyFlash email and love it!”

“I have just used the FeedsyFlash email and love it! We usually have to reformat and muck around with the story on top of the whole sending process, so loving this option.

It’s great having a regular automated monthly email and also the newsflash option to send ad hock mail outs all within the Feedsy software.

Also the value of having two user logins and the ability for either one of us to easily send something out is immeasurable.

On another note this is amazingly timely as our IP address was blacklisted for sending ‘spam’ (or bulk emails as they see it) which is causing untold problems with our email service and is a mammoth process to fix. Using Feedsy with the built in privacy features will now distance us from this problem again.”

Robyn Brain, Darwin Financial Services


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