High school students are prime targets for opportunistic thieves


Is your child at risk?

We all value the benefits and convenience that technology brings and these days, it’s important for students to be immersed in the technological space. That said, there is a downside: New research has found that 78 per cent of Australian high school students are carrying up to $1000 worth of items with them daily in school bags jam-packed with technology, making them easy targets for opportunistic thieves.

The survey of 375 Australian parents with school children over 12 years old showed:

  • 73 per cent carry a mobile phone;
  • 38 per cent carry a laptop;
  • 27 per cent carry a tablet computer;
  • 17 per cent carry an MP3 Player; and
  • 5 per cent carry a digital camera.

More and more, technology is becoming a central part of the classroom and for family communication. Theft or loss of common items of technology from schoolbags is an emerging issue and it’s important to keep these valuables protected when taken outside the home.

Over 80 per cent of the parents surveyed revealed their children are walking around with devices in their bags, making the humble backpack a potential gold mine for thieves.

With so many items of value in one handy, easy-to-carry place, the cost of replacing them could be several hundred to several thousand dollars. Here are some ways you can protect your treasured tech:

  • Don’t bring valuables to school – While this may seem a little uncool, the best way to prevent theft is to leave your valuables at home.
  • Avoid drawing attention to yourself – The less you wave your new technology around, the less people will see it.
  • Get portable item insurance – Portable item insurance is an add-on to a normal home and contents insurance policy and covers you for items taken outside the home.

Source KnowRisk

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