Yay! we’re heading to AdviserEdge Sunday

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We are very excited to be a part of AdviserEdge again in 2014, we would love to see you there!  (click here for more info).

Last year in Melbourne it was simply awesome! we learnt to inspire and innovate and we heard that the future of advice was in our hands.

We also learnt that the revolution for financial advisers was trust and how could you forget the power of video and all of the tips that Baz gave us, it’s amazing how you can turn the average web site visit from just 4-10 seconds into 90 seconds by adding our why message.

There are many more adviser video’s out there now thanks to Baz then there were 12 months ago, and many more are dancing on the hill just like our first follower dancing guy video (see it again here).

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing from some of the brightest and the most forward thinking Advice professionals in the country.

Good wealth to you and your family.


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