Hi again. We’ve been busy…


It’s been a busy week.

Firstly, we’ve been addressing the recent changes to the Australian Privacy Laws to ensure that our Feedsyites are compliant. So, whilst an important step forward in the name of transparency – not really a sexy thing to report. More news to follow.

On a more glamourous note, he have been working with AMP Capital to be able to make it easier to publish their content for financial advisors – through Feedsy. We will be including some AMP Capital financial reports and commentary in our regular content to auto-publish each week on FeedsyApps and every month on FeedsyMail. Launching next week….

Thirdly, it’s that time of the year again where we update the Feedsy website to announce the new schedule times for stories. This is due to  Daylight Savings ending in NSW, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania and South Australia. See details here.

As always, hoping you enjoy our latest news. A reminder that you can also check your portfolio (AMP only) and contact us at any time directly from main menu.

Good wealth to you and your family.


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