[Future Feature] Capture more leads with Feedsy Pop-Ups

We are currently trialling pop-up forms to capture more leads and subscribers.

So now when people read one of your stories shared on social media or by email they will be invited to opt-in to receive more stories just like it.

But they can also be used to invite people to contact you for a free consultation or to receive a lead capture white paper.

As well as being able to customising the pop-up design and message, there are also options for where, when and how often forms appear. Our default settings will be:

  • A form will appear on any story (but they can be set to appear only on certain categories of stories or other pages).
  • A form will only appear if a reader is engaged and scrolls down the end of the article (other settings include appearing after a certain amount of time, % of scrolling down the page, or displaying on exiting the page).
  • A visitor will on only see a form once every 30 days (but this can be changed to any frequency including every visit).

You will have full statistics on how many times the pop-up forms are viewed and clicked.

And like your regular subscriber form, all subscribers get added directly to your FeedsyList.

Stay tuned for more info.


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