For the next 6 months FeedsyFlash upgrade is FREE – We want to help

It’s now more important than ever to educate your clients given the economic environment, your clients need you, and we want to help.


First of all, what is FeedsyFlash?

If you want to send a custom email message to your clients (or prospects) – right now, you can with FeedsyFlash.

Oh and you also want your emails to look consistently great (just like your usual newsletter FeedsyMail) and you want to use the email addresses from your FeedsyList (which means you won’t spam those who have unsubscribed).

FeedsyFlash is perfect for:

  • COVID-19 health and economic updates
  • A special offer that is due to end in a fortnight.
  • An insightful (or even witty) commentary about a topic that happened today.
  • A special Christmas, New Years, Easter, Australia Day or Anzac Day message.
  • Promoting a seminar or event.
  • Inviting clients to participate in a survey.
  • A Federal Budget Update.

It’s FREE from 1 March to 31 September.


Next steps:

  1. To upgrade for FREE just let us know.
  2. You may have it and need some more training? Book training here
  3. To find out more about this feature, please book 15 minutes here with Steve.



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