Feedsy’s 100 most clicked stories of all time

If you’re a Feedsy client, you’ve been able to see the most clicked stories from your monthly email newsletters since the launch of FeedsyMail in January 2014.

After they receive your email,  your news-hungry clients browse the headlines and click on the one story which most interests them.  If they’re still keen they’ll then head to the Feedsy newspage on your website (where your stories live) to read other articles that have tickled their fancy.

Because we’re about to introduce a new story delivery system (with StoryMix) where you can choose the category of articles you receive each week, we thought now would be a great time to do some research. What kinds of articles did your clients like best? Which pieces of news have been the most clicked since January 2014?   We sifted through the piles of click data that get sent to us daily through the FeedsyMail HQ and came up with the results below. It’s worth noting that individual stories and blogs written by you specifically for your clients will almost always be your most clicked story*. We havent included those individual client stories in the data below because they are obviously not sent through to everyone.  But the click results demonstrated writing your own content is worth it, with the most popular types of content being staff announcements and staff stories.  If you are too busy to write, FeedsyWrite can help.

The vast majority of the FeedsyMails we send out are for Financial Advisers and Accountants and the story mix reflects this.

First, the most popular categories from 1st to 10th:

  1. Finance (General)
  2. Lifestyle (General)
  3. Finance (Property)
  4. Lifestyle (Travel)
  5. Finance (Investing)
  6. Finance (Taxation)
  7. Business
  8. Technology
  9. Finance (Retirement)
  10. Lifestyle (Health)
  11. Finance (Money, Currency & Rates)

And the Hottest 100 stories of all time:

  1. The 10 best Aussie towns for a short break named
  2. Budget to tackle three key tasks
  3. Retirees benefit from almost $20b in tax-free income
  4. Seven reasons for optimism on the Australian economy
  5. Many won’t be able to afford retirement
  6. Changes to federal laws in 2016
  7. Home prices jump in May, what happened in your state?
  8. How bad was the market dive last Monday?
  9. Goodbye Stamp Duty!!!
  10. Were you born before 1 July 1960? Maybe it’s time to break into the piggy bank…
  11. Top trending Aus travel destinations
  12. Should you buy Medibank shares?
  13. What happened to growth and what does low growth mean for investors
  14. Stone validates Aussie author’s JFK theory
  15. Finance News Update, what you need to know – 6 October 2015
  16. Brexit set to drop Australian petrol price
  17. How long are homes taking to sell in your state?
  18. 19 destinations that could change your life
  19. Add-ons that will help sell your house
  20. Federal Budget Update
  21. Finance News Update 29 July, what you need to know
  22. Who were the winners and losers of 2015
  23. The investment outlook – it’s not all that bad! Here are nine reasons why
  24. Initial market falls precede stronger returns
  25. Do you drink wine?
  26. Where are we in the investment cycle?
  27. The Australian dollar doing what it normally does – overshoot
  28. Market Watch — 7 July 2015
  29. ATO Areas of Focus for 2016
  30. New Year’s resolutions could save $21K
  31. Super funds continue solid performance
  32. What exactly is a bitcoin?
  33. Uluru: to climb or not to climb?
  34. Out with the Old – In With the New
  35. Self Managed Superannuation Funds – Frequently Asked Questions
  36. Budget day rate cut in play as prices fall
  37. Dramatic changes to the motor vehicle claim methods. Do you now need a log book?
  38. Private college roll out in SA
  39. Finance News Update, what you need to know — 5 January 2016
  40. Hoarding ‘collecting life, not living it’
  41. Beware of consolidating your super
  42. China’s Great Wall is disappearing: report
  43. Investment markets and key developments over the past week — 2 August 2016
  44. Investment markets and key developments over the past week — 5 April 2016
  45. Nine rules for investors to keep in mind
  46. Most retirees spend modestly
  47. July Market Update — 8 July 2015
  48. What does the 2016 Budget mean for SMSFs and those who administer them?
  49. Investment markets and key developments over the past week — 6 September 2016
  50. How much superannuation will you need?
  51. A big few days for superannuation
  52. You can supercharge your super
  53. Brexit wins – implications for the world, Australia, and investors
  54. Brexit or Bremain – or does it really matter?
  55. SPECIAL BULLETIN – Greece after the “No” Vote
  56. Australia at centre of lithium boom
  57. Housing boom lifts whitegoods and homewares’ sales
  58. Do investment principles stand test of time?
  59. Investment Outlook July 2016
  60. Finance News Update, what you need to know — 13 January 2016
  61. RAAF not using the best Aust has to offer
  62. Market Update – June 2016
  63. Review of 2015, outlook for 2016 – more of the same
  64. Will I have to pay tax on super?
  65. $A heading to 70 US cents, perhaps lower
  66. The lifesaving test most Aussies chuck out
  67. Uni entry standards too confusing
  68. Australia can resist market correction
  69. How electricity smart meters work
  70. Low home rent yields warn of overvaluation
  71. Minister points to resource recovery
  72. Telstra unveils new smart home devices
  73. A rough start to the year…seven reasons not to get too concerned though
  74. Changes to the Age Pension rules – will you be affected?
  75. Features of Australia’s new submarines
  76. Keyhole vs open prostate surgery?
  77. Budget 2015 winners and losers
  78. Have we reached the bottom?
  79. Larger wine glasses encourage more drinks
  80. Market Watch — 3 March 2015
  81. Property Prices Head South
  82. Four steps to beat the pain of bad timing
  83. Super Contributions
  84. Apple iPhone 6 Plus: How Steve Jobs got it wrong, big time
  85. Budget 2015 winners and losers
  86. Seven reasons for optimism on the Australian economy
  87. Our New Phones
  88. A gift that grows with your child or grandchild
  89. Budget will hit 15% of SMSFs
  90. Business wishlist for economic boosts
  91. Soaring rents dividing Australia
  92. Easy Ways To Boost Your Super
  93. Finance News Update, what you need to know
  94. Market Watch — 21 April 2015
  95. Market Watch — 4 August 2015
  96. 4 Steps You Can Take To Manage Cyber Risk
  97. BHP to halve costs at Olympic Dam
  98. How to prevent a stroke in middle age
  99. Renters face more pressure than homeowners
  100. There’s a bear in there – what drives mild versus deep bear markets

That’s quite a list! What conclusions can we draw? That commentary and education on finance and lifestyle are the topics that most interest your clients.

We’ll keep the quality articles coming.

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